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Accidents can result in severe internal injuries

Internal Injuries Claims – Accidents can result in severe internal injuries

Crashes and accidents can cause massive serious internal injury.

In an accident, your body could be flung from the vehicle onto the road, crushed against the steering wheel, or penetrated by glass or metal from the vehicle causing serious injury.

It goes without saying that any of these could cause huge damage to your body, including serious damage to your vital organs such as the heart, lungs, abdomen and kidneys.

Philip H Cuerden Solicitors deal exclusively with accident claims and have a specialist team of Personal Injury Lawyers experienced in dealing with Accident Injury.

Amount of compensation for internal injuries:

  • Chest up to £87,500
  • Lung Injury up to £79,000
  • Male reproductive system injury up to £86,500
  • Female reproductive system injury up to £98,500
  • Digestive system injury up to £36,125
  • Kidney injury up to £122,000
  • Bowel injury up to £87,500
  • Bladder injury up to £81,500
  • Spleen injury up to £5,230
  • Hernia injury up to £14,000