Amputation and Limb Loss


Amputation cases can have wide ranging effects on the whole family

Amputation cases can have wide ranging effects on the whole family
For most people, losing a leg or an arm through amputation is a difficult thing to imagine, but it can and does happen in road crashes.

Many people who have suffered a limb loss feel a sense of grief and loss and may also experience feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, shock, denial, hopelessness, helplessness and numbness. Loss of limbs, particularly a leg or legs, may mean you need help with everyday things like getting out of bed, getting out of a bath and getting up and down stairs. Some people are able to learn to wear and use artificial limbs.

Losing one or more limbs will not only affect yourself, but is also likely to affect your family members. How you respond to an amputation will greatly depend on your personality, values, attitude, life experience and support available to you.

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