Facial Injury Compensation Claims

Every year in the United Kingdom, approximately 1 Million people sustain a facial injury with the majority of serious facial injuries affecting young people. These injuries are usually caused by either assault or road crashes.

A facial injury can include cuts or punctures to the skin, broken bones, a dislocated jaw or eye injuries. Windscreen glass is one of the greatest dangers to the eyes. Serious eye injuries can result in permanent loss of vision and even occasionally removal of the eye.

Many people who suffer facial injuries experience serious physical and emotional effects. Some people suffer horrific flash backs of the crash, that caused their injuries, when they look in the mirror, particularly if the crash caused death or other serious injuries.

People who have facial disfigurements can experience serious problems in social situation leading to high level of anxiety, lowered self esteem and confidence.

Personal Injury Compensation

Philip H Cuerden Solicitors deal exclusively with accident claims and have a specialist team of Personal Injury Solicitors experienced in dealing with claims involving a Facial Injury. Contact us today to discuss your claim.

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