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Joint Injury Compensation

There are four primary locations where joint injuries are prevalent.

The wrists, shoulders, ankles, and knees are often susceptible to injuries that can be quite painful in addition to limiting your range of motion or quite possibly your ability to work.

Shoulder Joint Injuries

If you are suffering from shoulder joint injuries it is quite likely that you will have limited range of motion for anything that involved the use of your arms. This can severely limit your functionality for even the simplest of tasks. Many people find that it is nearly impossible to work when suffering from injuries of this nature and even general household duties can prove to be difficult under the best of circumstances when you have a shoulder joint injury. Treatments may include physical therapy, medications for inflammation and pain, and in more extreme cases surgery.

Knee Joint Injuries

Knee joint injuries can be quite debilitating and limiting to your way of life. They can range in severity from mild to severe and take anywhere from a few days to even years for recovery. The greater the pressure applied to the knee joint the more severe the resulting injury will be. If you have suffered from knee joint injuries then you have no doubts that they can be painful. Quick and proficient medical treatment is the best course for a speedy recovery and can be the difference between recovery and life long problems resulting from your injury. Treatments will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the injury.

Wrist Joint Injuries

These injuries are typically the result of some sort of activity or overuse. Common causes might include, trips and falls, operating equipment that requires wrist movement (lawn trimming equipment would be a good example), work related tasks, and sports related injuries. The elderly are also at a greater risk for these types of injuries as the result of a loss of bone and muscle mass. Overuse wrist joint injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be the direct result of your occupation and some of the treatments may involve making significant changes in the way you work.

Joint injuries that are the result of the negligence or carelessness of others may put you in a position for a settlement to help cover significant medical expenses, lost wages, and to compensate you for the pain you have suffered. Consult with your solicitors to see if we may be of assistance for your needs.