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PHC Law – Personal Injury Solicitors

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A specialist team of Personal Injury Solicitors

A specialist team of Personal Injury Solicitors

Philip H. Cuerden Solicitors are a specialist team of Personal Injury Solicitors who deal exclusively with accident claims. All cases we take on are dealt with by qualified Solicitors with many years of experience in Personal Injury.

As the saying goes, “accidents happen” and when they do people are frequently entitled to compensation for them. If you are entitled to compensation you should get it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Philip H. Cuerden Solicitors does not do bulk claim handling we offer a more traditional, personal service for our clients. We deal with each client individually and provide a quality service aimed at fulfilling their needs and expectations.

A professional Personal Injury Solicitor to look after your interests

Why do I need a Personal Injury Solicitor?

A Personal Injury Solicitor gives you a professional, who is on your side and can represent your interests at every step of the process.

How can you rely on an insurer to deal with your claim fairly and advise you about what you are entitled to, when their responsibility is to their shareholders and they pay any compensation out of shareholders profits? It is in insurance companies’ interests to pay you as little for your personal injury claim as they can get away with.

why a personal injury solicitor

A professional Personal Injury Solicitor to look after your interests

If an insurer thinks they have no defence to your personal injury claim, they might contact you straight after any accident to tell you that you don’t need a personal injury solicitor and that they can deal with your claim for you. This is because it is cheaper for them to settle your claim before you take independent legal advice. They might make you an offer to settle, in
our experience that is usually far less (on average several hundred pounds) than you might expect with a personal injury solicitor acting for you.

If an insurer thinks that they have a defence to your claim, they will refuse to deal with it, whether or not the claim is a good one. In a recent survey by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) of 700 firms of solicitors, 63% of Defendants or their insurers failed to admit liability within 3 months.

As a firm of personal injury solicitors it is our aim to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to, in the quickest time. We can assess your personal injury claim and advise you on your prospects of success, as well as how much you personal injury claim might be worth.

Philip H Cuerden Personal Injury Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Philip H Cuerden Personal Injury Solicitors are further committed to ensuring that every personal injury claim is handled by a qualified Solicitor who will assess the claim at the outset and then progress it to completion.