Product Liability Claims

We all buy products in good faith that they will perform the function for which they were designed. We rarely consider that the products we buy could pose a danger to our family members or ourselves. product liability claim

When things go wrong with the products we buy we need to file a product liability claim in order to encourage companies to engage in more responsible oversight of their products and the risk their products pose.

The truth of the matter is that despite the strict oversight that is given to many of the products on store shelves today there are products that occasionally make it through all the tests with flying colours only to discover in real world applications that things do in fact go wrong.

We can help you make sure that the companies in question are held responsible for the injuries that occur as the result of using the products we use every day. Let our experience help you make your product liability claim a winning proposition to recover some of the faith that you have lost in the products you purchase.

General Information Regarding Product Liability

Companies make a profit from the products they design, manufacture, and sell or the services they offer. If you are injured as the result of a company’s product or services then you are within your rights to demand compensation for your recovery effort. Injuries are often painful and in some cases fatal. Even the less severe of possible injuries may require a significant amount of time away from work during the recovery process. This is something that many companies do not wish to offer compensation for willingly. For this reason you need a qualified solicitor to help guide you through the product liability claim process.

If you are concerned about the fees involved in a legal matter such as this consult with one of our solicitors about the possibility of a no win, no fee agreement. This means that you are only responsibility for solicitor’s fees if we win for you. We will also advocate that your opponent be held responsible for your legal fees, which leaves your award in your hands.

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