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spinal injury

It is common to suffer a spinal injury following a car accident

It is common to suffer a spinal injury following a car accident

Road collisions are a very common cause of people suffering a spinal injury and becoming a paraplegic or tetraplegic.

Road traffic incidents account for the largest cause of spinal cord injuries in the United Kingdom.

In 2001, there were 590 new patients admitted to spinal injury centres in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Almost 40% of these patients had suffered injuries as a result of a road crash. Almost half had suffered their injuries in a car or similar, 10% on a motorbike, 3% on a bicycle and 3 1/2 % on foot.

Your spine can be damaged in many different places, and the exact location will determine the outcome of your injuries. Generally, the spinal nerves below the level of the injury either completely or partially cut off from the brain resulting in tetraplegia or paraplegia.

Tetraplegia (also known as Quadriplegia) means a person has paralysis of arms and legs. Additionally, the abdominal and chest muscles will also be affected, which will affect breathing and result in the person being unable to cough properly and clear their chest for example.

Paraplegia ranges from affecting the movement of a person’s leg to complete paralysis of the legs and abdomen up to the chest.

At the most extreme end of the scale, a person may be completely paralysed and will need a ventilator to breathe. At the other end of the scale, a person may be able to walk virtually normally but may suffer from incontinence as a result of the injury.

Back injury is very traumatic, both physically and emotionally. To regain control over their live, a person will need to make a whole range of difficult psychological adjustments. The process is likely to place great strain on the victim as well as friends and family. Many injured people suffer from anxiety and depression.

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