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Whiplash Injury Compensation

While whiplash is a common injury when it comes to car accidents, because of the violent motion that jerks the head back upon impact, it is not always immediately evident as an injury.

It can take days or quite possibly weeks for symptoms to appear.

Be sure to consult a doctor if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms even if it has been a few weeks after the accident.

Headaches, muscle aches and soreness in the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are good indicators that you may in fact have whiplash.

One thing you should keep in mind is that a whiplash injury is rather easy to diagnose by qualified medical professionals. Common indicators may be a lack of full range of motion or chronic pain in the areas mentioned above.

Diagnosing a Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury is unlikely to show up on x-ray. As a result MRIs or other imaging resources are often used to accurately diagnose this particular injury. You should also remember that there are varying degrees of severity when it comes to whiplash. Most who have been in a car accident will suffer from minor degrees of whiplash while the unlucky few may suffer far more severe whiplash (although this is a rare injury).

Common treatments for whiplash may include medications to reduce both the swelling and the pain that may be the result of whiplash injuries. Chiropractic treatment is often a good course of action for those who are suffering a loss of range of motion as the result of their whiplash injury. Other great methods of treatment include deep tissue massage, physical therapy, and TENS treatment (though this is appropriate only for more severe instances).

If you have whiplash as the result of a car accident for which you are not at fault you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost income. Be sure to contact one of our dedicated solicitors to see how we may be of assistance to you.